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We established MD Construction in 2018 and plan to impress you with 25 years of experience in the construction service industry and our dedication to greatness. If you live in and around the Ossining, NY area and own a commercial or residential property and expect free estimates, warranties on the work, and skilled workers to make your projects come to life – we await your call! The sooner you do that – the sooner we’ll take your projects off the ground and execute them brilliantly!

Construction Contractor

Construction Contractor

Step-by-Step Does It

It’s never a good idea to rush through the work, especially for a construction contractor. The best is to go slow and be cautious of every step to avoid mistakes. Mistakes are harder to fix. We live by that, and our process is always thorough and doesn’t allow for mishaps or missed steps. You’d be working with professionals who know how to sell their business and provide excellence to everyone!

Values are Highly Necessary 

There’s no moving forward for us and our construction service – not if we don’t hold our values in place and share them with those who want to know. We are caring contractors – passionate and dedicated to the job. But we also want to be seen as friendly and as people you can relate to – not robots doing a job. It’s essential to us that our customers are comfortable around us and feel like they can share every idea they have – those values are what we will always hold close to!

Call MD Construction at (914) 505-4995 and request to work with a brilliant construction contractor on different projects on your property! Sometimes the best you can do is step aside and let professionals take note of your ideas and work out a plan that makes them possible and will yield exceptional results. If you agree with this statement and live in the Ossining, NY area and certain other counties – we’d love a call to discuss your improvement projects and get started!


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